Colour Drop offers all our services at reduced rates for indigent clients with appointed counsel. We have a 15 year track record of working on appointed cases at the federal level. We aid with all aspects including helping with funding requests.

  • Have worked on appointed cases in Northern California through the CJA for two decades. Trusted service for many defense attorneys and firms; distinguished track record for providing a competent and affordable service.
  • Provide copy, print, scan and e-discovery services at reduced prices for all indigent defendant defense.
  • Can assist in creating funding requests and aid in submission to relevant order issuing agencies.
  • Typical cases involve prosecutions by the U.S. Attorneys Office; we provide affordable and competent technological services at reduced rates.
  • Also provide service on all indigent appeals cases at the Ninth Circuit. Experts on complex and large Habeas case trial document preparation.
  • We simplify the voucher process; have years of experience in creating funding requests and then assisting counsel in submitting vouchers. You focus on the client; we deal with all the paperwork.
  • Sample services aside from scan/copy/print; include loading calls/videos onto agency approved devices for in custody clients, deliveries to jails and courthouses. Email and hard-drive search service also available.
  • Free quotes on any project; can custom quote on large scan projects to reduce costs even further.
Appointed Clients